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Have you been struggling with financial steps since you moved to Finland?

I am passionate about sharing what I have learned in mastering my financial life in Finland.

Through my blogs, courses and consultation, I help you foreigner in Finland (new and established) learn how to save money, take the right financial decisions and create a successful financial plan around the lifestyle you want to live.


Pallab, Helsinki

Purchasing first apartment in Finland was complex and overwhelming to me. I was unsure and concerned about many questions.

With your assistance I have not only secured my first apartment, but also gained a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in Finland. Engaging your services was the best step I took in this journey, and I am thankful for your invaluable assistance.

Christian, Helsinki

“With a Finnish partner on my side who already owns a flat, and already half-way through my loan negotiations, I was not sure how much I’d benefit from Michael’s services.

Now that I hold the keys to my very first home in my hands, let me say: his deep financial insights, attention to details and super quick responses were invaluable. All the way to the final signing, I received the reassurance and support that I so urgently needed.”

Conor, Helsinki

Michael helped me getting my taxes right. I wish I had contacted him earlier to settle my open things. I’m glad I did and can only recommend him to anyone.

Lakshmi, Espoo

I finally got answers to the financial questions which annoyed me for so long. Now I understand how to plan for my financial future in Finland.

Yang, Tampere

Many thanks for your advice, it was very helpful and I thanks to it I did finalize the home purchase in February. I did highly appreciate your highly important advice, very grateful!

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