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Have you been struggling with financial steps since you moved to Finland?

I am passionate about sharing how to master your financial life in Finland.

Through my blogs, courses and consultation, I help you foreigner in Finland (new and established) learn how to save money and take the right financial decisions around the lifestyle you want to live.


Naeim, Tampere

“Michael greatly assisted us in our home-buying journey. His support exceeded our expectations, not only in analyzing the flats we were interested in but also in signing the purchase contract. 

I highly recommend Michael’s services to foreigners who are planning to buy their first home in Finland.”

Hang, Helsinki

“Our journey to purchasing our first home in Finland was made smooth and reassuring, thanks to Michael. As first-time homebuyers in a foreign market, we were initially overwhelmed by the complexities of the process and the language. However, Michael’s expertise in the Finnish real estate market gave us so much more confidence.

We are so grateful for his help and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone stepping into the Finnish real estate market, especially first-time buyers.”

Thien, Helsinki

“Michael is a knowledgeable consultant and his dedication to the job is exemplary. He’s helped me with the entire processes of buying the home, from looking for the right one, analysing all the housing documents, price negotiation and finalizing loans with the bank. With his precise analysis and knowledge we successfully bargained for 10% off of the house’s value and fees from the bank.”

Christian, Helsinki

“With a Finnish partner on my side who already owns a flat, and already half-way through my loan negotiations, I was not sure how much I’d benefit from Michael’s services.

Now that I hold the keys to my very first home in my hands, let me say: his deep financial insights, attention to details and super quick responses were invaluable. All the way to the final signing, I received the reassurance and support that I so urgently needed.”

Pallab, Helsinki

“Purchasing first apartment in Finland was complex and overwhelming to me. I was unsure and concerned about many questions.

With your assistance I have not only secured my first apartment, but also gained a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in Finland. Engaging your services was the best step I took in this journey, and I am thankful for your invaluable assistance.”

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