In Finland it has been extremely common to live in one’s own home and for most people buying a home is the biggest financial step in their life. Since Finland has become your place to live, buying own property here should be feasible for you as well. Unfortunately acting on the Finnish real estate market has been everything but easy for people from abroad.


What makes buying a home so difficult?

Buying a home in Finland usually involves interaction with various parties. You will discuss with real estate agents, bank clerks, property managers and eventually also with the seller or repairmen.

Consequently there’s a large variety of things you need to know before entering into discussions. Otherwise you risk to sign long-term agreements you don’t understand correctly and this can be fatal.

Another reason to make your homework before acting is tied to the cultural or language problem.

Be ready to meet and negotiate with people who are not necessarily able to explain every relevant detail in English language.


All you need to know before buying a home in Finland

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know before buying real estate in Finland. With our knowledge and checklist you will be ready for all potential discussions in the process of searching, evaluating and purchasing real estate. We will start with blog posts here and plan to offer online courses to variable aspects of buying real estate later on as well.

List of subjects:

  • the concept of housing cooperatives and their renovations works, see article here
  • how to find financing
  • central documents of housing companies: statutes, yearly financial document, long-term plan
  • property manager certificate (Finnish: isännöitsijätodistus)
  • how to read property listings
  • negotiating the deal

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Michael Lutzeier